Vintage 1940s Dust Cloth / Polisher Crochet Pattern

Vintage 1940s Dust Cloth / Polisher Crochet Pattern
  • Item #: 1162-CR-DUSTCLOTH

This pattern is for a handy 1940s dust cloth / polisher. Remember, the 1940s were a time of "make and mend" so women came up with very clever and creative ways to use leftover yarn to make handy items -- including this easy-to-make dust cloth that could be washed and used over and over again. This is a perfect project for left over yarn!

INCLUDES: Suggested materials and full instructions for completing.

NOTE: Vintage patterns many times reference yarn/thread brands no longer available, but do reference yarn/thread types and/or weight. Choose your yarn/thread from current manufacturers and be sure to check your gauge for the pattern if called for.

: This pattern is a digital download. Upon receipt of payment, an email will be sent in approximately 15 minutes containing the one-time download link to your pattern. No domestic or international shipping charges.


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