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Bramcost Publications is your publishing resource for vintage lifestyle books. Our books focus on the way our foremothers and forefathers lived, laughed and loved in their everyday lives. Beauty, fashion, millinery, entertaining and handicrafts are the building blocks of our book offerings with an emphasis on vintage:

  • makeup, hairstyling, beauty
  • sewing, pattern drafting, fashion design
  • knitting and crochet patterns
  • millinery, hat construction, hat patterns
  • beadwork, jewelry making
  • ribbonwork, embroidery, embellishments, quilting
  • weddings, bridal interest
  • paper dolls, doll books, doll clothes patterns
  • Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Valentine’s Day holiday celebrations


Living vintage puts us in touch with our past and brings the satisfaction of finding yourself and your own style like nothing else can. Recreate yourself by adding elements from different eras and create a look that is uniquely yours. The Victorian Era, Edwardian Era, Art Nouveau Era, Flapper Era, Art Deco Era, Swing/War Time Era, Fabulous Fifties and Swinging Sixties are all represented in our publishing library.

If you love everything vintage, you've found the right stop. Peruse our book titles, find the era that suits your style and get started by adding little touches of vintage to your everyday life. How do you start? Try some of our hints below ... and be sure to check back with us monthly for new book releases.

  • Wear your hair in a high fashion, romantic 1950s updo hairstyle.
  • Sew an incredibly easy 1920s One Hour Dress.
  • Add a vintage game to your next Halloween party.
  • Learn the technique behind constructing a vintage hat.
  • Sew a hat that suits your style by using one of our many vintage hat patterns.
  • Bring excitement to your favorite little girl by sewing doll clothes made from vintage patterns 
         or letting her cut out a 1940s vintage set of paper dolls.
  • Crochet a 1930s purse to match your favorite outfit.
  • Knit a 1930s hat that would color coordinate perfectly with your jacket.
  • Create your own Halloween costumes using 1920s instructions, patterns and crepe paper.
  • Try your hand at making a vintage inspired beaded purse.
  • Choose a 1930s makeup color scheme and wear it to work tomorrow.
  • Create a quilt for your grandchild using a vintage quilt pattern.
  • Define your wedding by adding vintage touches used by brides that came before us.


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